What is AURIA ?

The Inside Story

Sleep Research Technologies has been hard at work over the last several years to design and create the best sleeping system available anywhere at any price. We looked at all of the ill-conceived, so-called cool sleeping solutions like the ever popular "cool gel infused" mattresses promoted by most mattress manufactures as well as countless other concepts like blowing air through the mattress, circulating water on top of the mattress and other marketing ploys that simply do not work as advertised. Don't be fooled by the hype and gimmicks. With AURIA there is no need for a "Special Mattress", no "Silly Pads", no "Cool Gel Infused" nonsense. 

AURIA creates the sleeping environment that sleep doctors and the National Sleep Foundation recommend (60° - 67° F). Delivering "Cool, Crisp, Clean, Filtered Air". No more tossing and turning or sweating on your mattress and pillows, The AURIA "Climate Controlled Sleep System" actually delivers cool, restorative, natural sleep and is guaranteed to save energy costs while giving you a perfect night's sleep, night after night, every night.

Sleep Cool with AURIA

The National Sleep Foundation, sleep doctors and sleep specialists agree that temperatures between 60° and 67°F are the ideal sleeping conditions for the most restorative sleep. AURIA delivers this and more.

AURIA creates the optimum environment for reaching “Thermo-Neutrality”

Cooling the body externally can make you feel more comfortable and help you to fall asleep however, sleep scientists now understand that by breathing in air that is 35 degrees lower than our body temperature we can achieve the condition known as “Thermo-Neutrality” that will make women sleep up to 71% and men 62% deeper, reaching REM sleep faster and remaining thermally balanced throughout the entire sleep cycle.

The AURIA has been designed and engineered to deliver the perfect sleeping environment through the implementation of advanced physics and state of the art technologies. Using "Convection Currents" and a process known as “Inversion” the AURIA creates a true “Micro-Climate” around the entire perimeter of the system.

AURIA creates an environment free of pollution and particulates by continuously filtering the air through our (patent pending) SRT9000 Climate Control Module. Every fifteen (15) seconds the air is processed and filtered through the SRT9000 and gently cascades from the headboard, continuously recirculating over and around the system as you sleep.

By simply adjusting your whole house thermostat up by 6 - 8 degrees during the night you can realize an energy cost savings of 27% or more, while extending the life of your primary home cooling system by 25-35%.


Smoke Demonstration

By introducing smoke into the AURIA system, we are able to demonstrate the flow and concentration of the air as it gently cascades from the headboard, continuously recirculating over and around the mattress. Every fifteen (15) seconds the air is cooled and filtered through our SRT9000 Climate Control Module, delivering the doctor recommended sleeping temperature of between 60° and 67° Fahrenheit for most restful and restorative sleep possible.