About Us




 William (Billy) Latta / Founder & CEO

Billy in 1981 at the age of 16 served an apprenticeship program for air conditioning and heating in California. Instruction was given under all facets of mechanical design, installation and troubleshooting, in both the complete refrigeration and heating cycle's and all associated electrical controls. From 1985 through 1996 William worked as the troubleshooter for various air conditioning and heating companies, maintaining his reputation as one of the best in the area and acquiring a nickname from his peers, "The Wiring Genius".  In 2008 William got the idea to embark on a journey to design an "Climate Controlled Sleep System". After designing and fabricating numerous prototypes, Billy finally hit on the right concept and in 2012 he was granted permission to display his latest prototype at a local mattress store. Without any advertising this prototype became the best selling bed in the store. This positive reinforcement and product approval led to further development and refinement of the now named AURIA "Climate Controlled Sleep System". Billy has recently acquired his own mattress store in Lake Havasu City, Arizona which has become the new headquarters for Sleep Research Technologies and the AURIA "Climate Controlled Sleep System"The AURIA "Climate Controlled Sleep System" which is now in full production and manufactured in the USA is fulfilling Billy's dream and giving customers a truly unique sleeping experience.


Sleep Research Technologies R & D facility in Lake Havasu City, Arizona



Virgil A. Venditto / Director of Engineering

Virgil has been a research, design and product development specialist for the past 43 years. With a wide array of clients relying on his expertise, Virgil has been the driving force on many projects including, Ford Motor Company (Tribology, Coatings & Substrates), General Research Corporation (Space Debris Program), Technicolor, and Microsoft Corporation (Anti-Piracy Hologram Systems & Security Equipment). Also a professional musician and recording engineer, Virgil has worked as a consultant with companies such as Simmons LTD (Electronic Drums), Seymour Duncan (Pickups & Amplification) and DW Drums (Acoustic Drums) as well as design and manufacturing projects for international touring bands and tour companies. He has distinguished himself as one of the top in his field. With an artistic eye and uncommon design sensibility with extensive design and manufacturing experience in most materials and processes from prototype to production. His expertise has been a great asset to Sleep Research Technologies and to the development of the AURIA "Climate Controlled Sleep Systems".